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I developed a love for composing music at a young age, although the quality of those early works is questionable, and some were written in crayon. I started learning the piano when I was about 7 years old, so most of my first attempts at composition were for the piano. There was a short "opera" I wrote for my mom at one point in elementary school as well. I gradually started trying to write for more instruments as I encountered them, and was confused the first time I tried to pair violin and trumpet. One of them seemed to be playing in the wrong key. ​

I have been composing seriously since starting college. In December 2014, I finished my Master's degree at Ball State University. In 2017, I joined up with a group of local composers to form the
LNK New Music Collective, which focused on bringing contemporary classical music out of the concert hall, and into a wider variety of venues in Lincoln, NE. In 2018, I finished my DMA at University of Nebraska at Lincoln, where I studied with Dr. Tyler White. While at UNL, I composed, produced, and directed my first full length opera, The Cask of Amontillado, which was recently performed again at Western Illinois University.


 Much of my music is for voice, and I have composed three song cycles with texts by Edgar Allan Poe. My current project is a follow up to The Cask of Amontillado, my own adaptation of The Tell-Tale Heart. Aside from composing, I enjoy performing in opera, musical theatre, and plays. I also enjoy cycling, video games, and studying other languages.

Looking to commission a new piece? Fill out the commission quote form here




Looking to commission a new piece? Fill out the commission quote form here



Car Ride (2018)

The Cask of Amontillado (2016-2017)

Dinner at the Maison de Sante  (2015)


Choral Works

Carry On! (2023) SATB

Heartwreck (2014) SATB 

The Ash Grove (2013) SSAA/string quartet 

For the Beauty of the Earth (2012) SATB/piano 

Loch Lomond (2011) TTBB/piccolo/snare 

Fibonacci Mass (2009) SATB/piano 

Tomorrow (2008) SSATTB 


Solo Vocal Works

With Ensemble

A Quiet Haunting (2022) soprano voice/cello

Lady Macbeth (2022) soprano voice/percussion/cello

Hope is the thing with feathers (2022) soprano voice/percussion

Waterscape (2019) soprano voice/percussion/cello

The Colder Months (2018) soprano voice/flute/oboe/clarinet

Ode to a Nightingale (2017) baritone voice/clarinet/viola/percussion

A Where Without a Who (2017) soprano voice/flute/piano 

Die Lorelei (2009) Flute/Glockenspiel/Electric guitar/Electric bass/voice/piano

With Piano

Eldorado (2017) song cycle for tenor  

Israfel (2016) song cycle for soprano  

To Whom (2012/2016) song cycle for baritone 

Good Friday (2012)  

Moon Music (2010)  

Chanson de Nuit (2006)  


Chamber and Solo Instrumental Works

Jitters (2022) snare drum

Morning (2019) saxophone quartet

Carpe Diem (2019) brass quintet

Rondo in F Minor (2018) string quartet

Scintillate (2018) steelpan double seconds

Fanfare for a New Year (2018) flute/flugelhorn/cello/percussion 

Rich in Love, mvt. 3 (2017) viola/piano 

*collaboration with LNK New Music Collective

Nocturne for Viola and Harp (2017) viola/harp 

The Stargazers (2015) violin/piano

Grief (2014) electric guitar, piano, electric bass, drum set

Orbit (2014) vibraphone solo 

Stranger (2014) viola solo 

Prospero (2013) percussion quartet 

Event Horizon (2012) WW quintet/Brass quintet/2 marimbas 

Butterflies in the Stomach (2011) horn solo 

Wedding Suite (2010-2011) string quartet 

Rose Red (2010) string quartet 

Piano Works

Nocturne (2013)

Crash (2011)

Sospiro (2010)


Electronic Works

Stargazing (2018) digital fixed media

Insomnia (2014) digital fixed media 

Ice Sprites (2012) digital fixed media 

Migraine (2012) digital fixed media 

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