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Israfel is my second song cycle, and like the first cycle, To Whom, it consists of poetry by Edgar Allan Poe. This cycle is written specifically for my own voice, and the poetry I have chosen involves angels and demons, stars and moons. I have arranged these seven poems to tell a story of a dreamer, who imagines fantasy worlds. The first poem, Alone, introduces the main character and quickly transitions into the dream world, whose inhabitants include the demon, Night, the Evening Star, the Moon, and the angel of music, Israfel. The final poem in the set is Israfel, which brings the story back around to the dreamer, who muses that one's station in life has a profound effect on their talents and opportunities. If she were an angel, and Israfel were mortal, then she would be much more talented than him.


for soprano and piano


Approx. 19 min.

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